illuminated wellness

"You have been given a body of such proportions and fitness as to allow your spirit to function through it... It is the instrument of your mind and the foundation of your character."


a little about me

I am a creator of life.
I am a provider of truth.
I am a nurturer.
I am a teacher & a guide.
I am a leader of warrior youth.
I am a mother.


Move the way you want to feel, not the way you feel.
What you have to offer is enough.
Who you are is beautiful.

key ingredients to our philosophy

A recipe for balanced wellness is simple: Nourish, Align, Move.
Eating intentionally isn't about cutting out foods, it's about incorporating so much good that the bad eliminates itself.

In a world where there's so much confusion about how to properly nourish our bodies, we can eliminate the confusion when we know the truth about how our body's function. This truth with set us free from the bondage under which we place ourselves with poor habits.
By understanding how to correctly align ourselves, we open the airway and awaken all the functions of the body. It aligns the kinetic chain, making standing and moving pain-free and powerful. Correct posture can prevent and even heal injury. The physical benefits of correcting posture are many, but my true love of posture comes because of the emotional healing power that is unlocked when we stand in the way we are designed to stand: uprightly.
Human beings are designed to move! Although we are all different and unique in many ways there are bio-mechanical truths that govern the movement system that is predominately the same in every human.

When we understand and adhere to this specifically designed movement system, our bodies perform optimally, allowing us to become the best version of ourselves.



supporting your success

sandi  hughes

Let me tell you what is unique about me: nothing. I am your average wife and mother of five and life is chaotic. Just like most of you, I'm doing my best to figure out how to figure it out. I have struggled with my own health issues that have sapped my energy reserves and created day to day frustration. Those frustrations, as well as my family's health and well-being, have motivated me to understand our bodies and how they can heal and maintain their own excellence.

Through much study and practice, I found ways to make it work for us and I've put together my knowledge to help create shortcuts for you.