The gut and it's link to your brain...

Ever heard someone say, "I'm gonna go with my gut on this one!"? What are they talking about?!Does your gut really have what it takes to discern and counsel with your brain about what is best for you? 

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This is my blog post

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about sandi

I am a creator of life.
I am a provider of truth.
I am a nurturer.
I am a teacher and a guide.
I am a leader of warrior youth.
I am a mother.

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Whether up or down, moving or stuck, a little motivation goes a long way. Leave me a bit of info and I'll send you a bit of love!


Honoring the life-giving systems of the body with daily nutritional practices


Posture disciplines that will enhance far more than physical capacity


Exercise the body with movement founded on principles of posture and structural integration