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“A thousand mile journey begins with the first step.”

Many would say that the first step is the hardest, but truly, it’s not. It’s actually the easiest one! It’s the one we take over and over again.. It is the mental creation; the grand idea. Some call it dreaming while others call it planning. Some spend time envisioning while others digitally creating.

The bottom line is this: while this first step is of monumental importance on our thousand mile journey of achievement, it is certainly not the hardest. The hardest steps are the acts that must follow the envisioning, or creating, or dreaming… and the action step you find yourself on at this very moment is the only one that really matters... in this moment.

our coaching is for you, whatever step you happen to be on in this critical moment.

Sandi’s diverse educational background, continuing search for greater understanding, as well as her love for human achievement and development, employs her with the ability to meet those she works with exactly where they are on their wellness journey, and then to guide them powerfully forward on the challenging path of goal achievement.

On the quest to find health and wellness, it is vital that we each do our research, and that as we do so we consider the motivation behind the sources we find and study. Our motivation is to elevate perspective by honoring the gift of agency. By choosing to live clean and move intentionally, the lens of wellness illuminates life. There is no better guide than a clean mind and a capable body. Our mission is to guide you to that beautiful capacity! 

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